Studios 42 is in the Business of Providing
Locations, Property and all Facilities
for the Film, Video and Photography Industries.

Our clients to date include world-renowned actors, singers, the BBC, Playboy, and increasingly from advertising companies and individuals.

Barham Court at the time of the Shirley Bassey Concert

Barham Court at the time of the Shirley Bassey Concert

Having sold the listed Grade I, 17th Century house that was used as our main set, belonging to our CEO, we are now proceeding to purchase two, purpose built (or re-built) state of the art Studios 42.

Our Mission

Studios 42 is a response to increasing and changing demand. That demand is for 21st Century, cutting edge studios for film/video and photography as well as associated demands for furniture, props, costume, make-up health and beauty.


Studios 42 is targeted to complete two Studios 42 in England in 2017/18, with anticipated profits in 2018/19. A further five Studios 42 are targeted in Europe and the US thereafter.
We are currently seeking £1 million from our share offer which is targeted for those in the film/video/photography industries as well as well-connected individuals and companies. Investment will be secured on the properties and business.
The Directors and Management will be investing their money, time and extensive expertise.