Studios 42


The old fashioned, large multi-set studios and Country House ‘locations’, whilst still in existence, cannot compete with a campus-site studios that use ‘green-screens’ technology, and offer full accommodation and all other facilities required in the 21st Century.

Green screen technology enables a room, large or small, with blank walls, to become a set and to provide the backdrop for a still or moving picture, whilst allowing actors, ‘props’ and furnishings to be filmed ‘in the set’.

This means that simple cubes of space (rooms) can provide an office, a cavern, a bedroom, a boardroom, a bank, hotel reception, a penthouse, dungeon or even a street scene or slum. The sets can be changed simply and easily.

Studios 42 will go much further than simple provision of studios. We will provide all the facilities required by the film crew and actors – including costume/clothing stores, make-up rooms, bathrooms, ‘props’ stores etc.

Importantly, there will be full luxury accommodation and a Bistro, enabling substantial savings for film companies. Traditionally, accommodation costs and transport from sets to accommodation, account for a very substantial extra cost for all film companies. Studios 42 will continue its policy of zero or minimum ‘extra’ cost: a policy which established our first 'pre-Studios 42' located in our country houses in Surrey and Kent.

The accommodation and Bistro will be available for use of the public when not required by the film/photo crew, providing an additional income stream.

We will also offer studio tours and at times, live viewings of film-making (as we did in our own Country House studios).

Special site visits for our sponsors and investors will be arranged for the Annual General Meetings of ‘Studios 42’. Investors and Sponsors who wish to appear as extras in crowd scenes and similar will be accommodated where possible.

A Comprehensive Campus

The actual studio rooms will form only a part of the campus buildings. In addition to the studios, there will be:

  • The ‘Props Store’ – this will be available for all clients of Studios 42, whether for a simple advert shoot, a C.V. shoot or a major film.

  • The Boudoir - Make up and beauty – available for hire, sale or service to the general public as well as to the clients of Studios 42.

  • The Bistro – for use by film and photo studio users. and when not reserved for use by the general public.

  • Suites – Bedrooms with en-suite facilities.

  • Studio for video/photo and C.V.s Studios 42 will itself produce video/photo CVs for sale to students and the general public; again, an extra income stream.

  • Offices, Meeting Rooms, Marquees and Gardens, Terraces - for press/media and businesses linked/associated with the film/photographic/entertainment industry - Open Days, Annual or Special Events.

  • Parking - as appropriate for the film/photo sets and if possible within the campus site.